I’ve really struggled with writing a tribute to you Grandma. They feel like my last words to you and an acceptance that you are truly gone.

Over the years, our relationship evolved into something so beautiful I would forever hold dear to my heart. My earliest memories of you were of going to your house on special occasions and having to eat your delicious meals. I saw you as a home-maker and a lover of people. Your house was always full of people, both family and non-family and I always looked forward to the times when we would go back to your house. We had a tumultuous relationship during my teenage years because I had to endure your endless counselling sessions on how to take care of a home. This was just your motherly nature speaking to me and now I understand that.

My best memories of you are the last couple of years before you passed away. Barely a month before you passed on, we spent some quality time together. We talked and laughed so much about a lot of things. Your years growing up, my graduation, upcoming call to bar and in the nearest future, my wedding. I remember looking at you, your legs (my favourite similarity between both of us), listening to every breath while you slept and being grateful that you were alive. I remember asking you endless questions. I didn’t know death was going to snatch you away from me so soon. I wish I had asked more questions. As I was about to leave, you said “I’m already missing you”. I remember feeling a bit sad because I knew that we had bonded so much during that period and I did not want it to end. I left hopeful that I would see you again.

Your death was a rude shock and images of you kept on flashing in my head willing for it all to be a lie or a bad dream. It just wasn’t possible in my head, you were not meant to go so soon, we had planned so many things together.

On the morning of my call to bar, I wept so much because I knew you were meant to be there, you kept on asking me about when my result was coming out. I was comforted with your sweet angelic voice telling me congratulations. If I think about it deeply, I could almost feel your hands on mine, you holding me. Your memory, your voice, can never be forgotten.

The day before your passing, we still talked about you at your daughter-in-law’s office. Soon after the conversation, I remember feeling sad, sick, edgy and irritable for no reason. I just felt weird. It was like I knew I was going to hear about the sad news of your death the following day.

The 11th of November, 2015 was the longest and darkest day of my life. The day didn’t want to end and the world looked different. I’m the one missing you now Grandma, I want to hear your sweet voice once again, hear your jokes and laughter.

You had a gentle heart and a loving spirit

You were a rare gem of unfathomable quality

A treasure that can never be replaced

Grandma, you were my angel on earth

Like your name, Durosomo, you wanted to live and that you did. You were a blessing to me and the world. Your eyes whispered truth, echoed sincerity. Your words reverberated with wisdom.

The thought of you dying so soon never came to me or anyone. I always thought it was going to happen when I was “mature” enough to handle it. How wrong were my thoughts, no one is ever mature enough to handle it. I’m happy God not only brought you into my life but he made you family, my own blood. Thanks for blessing us with your beautiful soul. Your light, that endless, beautiful, endearing glow shall forever remain in my heart. Goodbye, Grandma,kisses.IMG_2017