Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the things which you think you cannot do”

Fear is necessarily not a bad emotion. To be honest, I believe it is a booster. Great leaders of today and times past have all admitted to being scared at one point in their lives or when they were about to undertake a big project that might change their lives forever.

What really is fear?

A feeling of helplessness and anxiety of what lies on the other side. Wanting something so much but not ready to face the consequences.

The feeling of overcoming fear is one of the best feelings in life. We all need to push through, to do things we are most scared of because only when we do can we really know what we are capable of. Fear is an unseen shield/barrier pulling you away from your dreams. We should be angry at fear. This might seem like a paradox because why use one seemingly negative emotion to combat the other? The only way to combat fear is by using an intense emotion or have a burning desire to want change. Fear stops you from wanting so much of what could be truly yours. It is a mind-killer, a buzz-kill, a slow death. The reality is that you miss out on opportunities, being the best that you can be, good lasting memories, true happiness and LIFE when you’re always scared.

Like a Japanese proverb, “Fear is only as the mind allows”. Fear is in the mind and is totally separate from our actions. The minute you realise that you can do anything you will yourself to do, the stronger your spirit would become.

When you are able to step out of that delusion called fear, the more confident you would feel and an inner peace is realised. To attain success is no easy feat and it might be scary to know that we can be so much more if we only tried. We just have to breathe and know that come what may, everything is going to fall into place eventually.