I’m sorry if I hurt you

I’m sorry if the mere thought of me sends shivers down your spine

The bare sound of my voice makes you cringe

Or makes you think of the echoes the last time our skins touched

I’m sorry I can’t give you what I want

I’m just scared of someone doing the same to me because my actions might actually hurt someone you love

Someone you care deeply about

Someone you fought hard to get and keep

Just to make that lasting commitment.

I am unaware of the obstacles you have encountered

The tough choices you’ve had to make

Your pain

Your loss

I can hear it in your voice

I can see it in your actions

I can feel it anytime we exchange words, thoughts or ideas

When you’re silent; when your eyes linger for two to three seconds

Just before you blink

That’s the best time to feel it

Your inordinate ability not to reveal so much that you’ve perfected to the tee.

I know it has made you a better person

I’ve told you sometimes

That’s exactly what I like about you.

The ability to balance it

Just the right amount of balance

You’re nice but dangerous

That’s what’s attracting me to you

That’s why I can’t stop thinking about you

You’re dangerous to my heart, U!

We’re too alike, I’ve told you before

We would end up hurting or annoying each other

We already are

It would never work

No matter how simple it might seem

My first mistake was the first time I smiled at you

My eyes were inviting

I know that’s my spark

My magnet

I knew that would draw you to me

Wanting fuelled with earthly desires

But too scared of the consequences

How far can we go until one person gets hurt?

I hope I’m not the ONE