My love for Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is all-encompassing
She says all the things I want to say
All the things my feelings can’t convey
All my innermost thoughts
She depicts how angry I am at the world
How angry I am at what is considered normal
She makes me want to be fearless
She makes me want to tell my story
She makes me want to be true to myself
To not give a fuck about what society thinks of me
The only way you can truly change is if you’re angry
You must reach your boiling point
Your body must rage and shiver with desire
Your mind must let go and be open to whatever
That’s why great leaders succeed
They don’t conform
You have to let go rolly
Stop being mindful about every damn thing
Focus on things that matter and you can control
Listen to what drives your soul
Listen to what makes you think you can do anything
Do what makes you smile
Society should not define you
YOU define society