I’m always reluctant to write bio’s on myself because to write one is to expose ones true nature. Does anybody really know who they are? I believe as human beings we evolve every single day. We are affected by our moods, circumstances, people, and experiences. These things shape us. So how dare we claim to know who we really are? Ok, that was a bit extreme but you get my point. These are the little quirks and idiosyncrasies that make me, me. I love to eat and I love good food. Just the realization of this is making me hungry lol. As odd as this might sound, I’m in love with the concept of love. I know I can be a bit tough on the outside but I really do believe in the concept of Love. I guess it is because it’s the purest of emotions and a blessing bestowed upon us by God. That brings me to my other trait. I love God! I’m just in love the fact that by his grace we are saved and he loves us unconditionally. I’m also in love with fashion and looking good generally which would include skin and hair care. I’m a Naturalista by the way. I hate that term a little bit because I didn’t endeavour to be one I simply went to the salon to “fix” my hair and I ended up chopping it all off. That brings me to my next trait which is I could be spontaneous to a fault. I can think of one thing and do something totally unrelated the next minute. I change my mind like the second’s hand on a ticking clock. Okay, that was a very weird example. That’s all I can remember right now. My write-ups would showcase my personality I hope. I’m still in the process of discovering myself. I want everyone who reads this to partake in my journey, if anyone ever reads this, lol. I’m writing this for myself and because too many people have told me to.  I wish I could recover some of my lost files/poems/prose. Anyways, it’s never too late.